Tina Bartels

Tina BartelsTina Bartels is a consultant in the process of change. As the bariatric service manager at Columbia Bariatric Associates, she helps patients with nutrition, dietary habits and lifestyle choices to be successful after a bariatric procedure.

“I help them make the changes that are necessary throughout their weight loss journey,” Bartels says. “I help make the process more manageable.”

Bartels graduated from Central Methodist University in Fayette, Mo., as an RN in 1987. She worked at Boone Hospital in Columbia for two years before joining Columbia Surgical Associates to assist Dr. Walter Peters in surgery, perform office procedures and provide patient care. She left Columbia Surgical in 1999 for family reasons, but returned to the practice in 2009.

“I came back because I love working with the staff and doctors because there is, and always has been, a mutual respect that exists between us,” Bartels says. “We work as a team.”

Today, in addition to patient education, Bartels performs post-op LapBand adjustments and works with medical caregivers to coordinate the work done at Columbia Bariatric with the hospital’s program. She also reaches out to primary care physicians to share information on the services the practice provides for patients who are looking for a surgical solution and are appropriate for the LapBand procedure.

As a consultant in the process of change, Bartels’ role may be multifaceted, but her goal is singular. “I help patients become successful,” she says. She works hand-in-hand with each patient who comes to Columbia Bariatric to tailor a plan specifically for them.

“I believe in our program,” Bartels says. “It changes lives.”