Revision of Previous Weight Loss Surgery

In most cases, a single weight loss surgery is sufficient to provide the desired results for adequate weight loss. However there are cases where patients have received previous bariatric surgery and significant weight gain or unanticipated adverse events are experienced.

Missouri Bariatric Services does accept revision surgery candidates on a case by case basis. Each revision case is reviewed by the Missouri Bariatric Services Clinical Committee, consisting of our surgical and medical team.

With the unique nature of revision surgery, criteria for candidacy depend on the individual circumstance of each patient. In order to qualify as a candidate for a revision surgery in our program,  and to maximize your safety, a number of tests may be required prior to consideration. For patients who have experienced significant weight gain after surgery, participation in our Back-on-Track™ weight loss program may be required.

If you have received previous weight loss surgery, please complete the online Revision of Previous Surgery form for consideration.

Read Dr. Spencer’s Weight Loss Surgery FAQ for more information.

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